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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is normal - it's actually a good thing.

We needed it to help keep us safe from potential threats.

However, it becomes a bad thing when it takes over and we can’t stop it.

Anxiety makes the future feel scary, overwhelming, and uncertain. It steals from the here and now, and makes being present pretty much impossible.

It’s constantly thinking about what might happen- usually the worst version. It’s people pleasing and perfectionism driving every decision...

It’s the overthinking, overanalyzing, overplaying situations, again and again.

It’s not feeling like you can trust yourself, and over-focusing on doing the right thing all of the time.

It’s heart racing out of your chest, difficulty breathing, racing thoughts, not sleeping, feeling out of control.

It’s the difficulty in being present and having quality relationships.

Always thinking about how others think/feel/perceive you, lacking a sense of self. 

People struggling with anxiety often say to themselves: 

What is Trauma Informed Therapy?

Trauma occurs after a significant impact, such as: sexual or physical assault, witnessing a death, the unexpected death of a loved one, a natural disaster, a car accident, emotional or mental abuse, or many events throughout childhood that has made the world less safe.

Sometimes, traumatic events are so severe they leave a lasting mark on us and we experience symptoms that lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These symptoms include:

“Reliving” of the traumatic event (such as flashbacks, nightmares, and intrusive images)Avoidance behaviors (such as avoiding places and reminders related to the trauma) and emotional numbing (such as detachment from others, substance abuse)Physiological arousal (such as difficulty sleeping, irritability, or poor concentration.

Or sometimes, they're "not that extreme" but we get really uncomfortable when have reminders or painful memories or experiences, so we'd much rather forget them all and "just get over it."

Trauma informed therapy is not just retelling the events, it’s exploring new ways of relating to the story, changing its meaning, and finding ways of freedom to become fully alive in the present. It's not just what happened to you, it's what meaning you make of it, and when we explore the meaning of the traumatic events, we get to learn what it means to be alive.

How I Utilize Trauma Informed Therapy 

As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, I help people with PTSD symptoms learn about the brain-body connection, understand that they're not just weak because they can't get past what has happened to them, and help them find new ways of meaning making. I apply techniques from Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), somatic reprocessing, meditation and mindfulness to help individuals gain greater understanding of what's going on in their minds and bodies, and find ways of regulating their bodies, increasing their coping skills, and improve their trust in themselves and their relationships. I offer a safe, non judgmental space to help clients build trust to not just know they're safe, but to be able to feel it again.

How Does CBT and ACT Help My Trauma?

Trauma has a lot to do with the stories we tell ourselves about what happened to us. We often create narratives that the world is unsafe, can't be trusted, and we will never be able to feel "normal" again.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps explore these narratives, challenges the ones that are no longer helping or saving us, and explore new ways of making meaning.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) helps explore our value system and how the narratives we've created either confirm or contradict those value systems in order for us to change behaviors.

Trauma takes away our right to choose, but the skills and approaches taken from CBT and ACT can help bring empowerment back to our lives and bring healing.

Does Trauma Informed Therapy Help My Anxiety?

Anxiety has similar manifestations in our bodies as trauma, for example difficulty breathing, racing heart rate, feeling words and emotions caught in your throat, racing thoughts, and headaches, to name a few.

When we explore anxiety through a trauma informed lens, we can often discover the root causes of anxiety, what belief systems have been created to increase the perpetuating cycles, and find ways of challenging and creating new beliefs. We can also adapt body exercises to help your whole nervous system learn to regulate. This helps you not just fight anxiety, but manage it so you can find freedom and healing! Anxiety is your body's necessary warning system, but we can learn how to manage it, so it's not on overdrive all the time.

Isn't it time to stop letting your story take control over you, and for you to take control over it?

Reach out to me to day to find out how trauma informed therapy might be a good fit in finding freedom in your life!

“What if the worst happens?"

“My needs don’t matter.”

“I can’t ask for what I need because then I’ll be needy.”

"My mind won't stop spinning!"

But there is a way to quiet this voice - Anxiety therapy can help!

Imagine a life free from constant worrying and anxiety; one that allows you to actually enjoy life. 

You can cultivate deep connections with those closest to you, and learn to establish the proper boundaries so that your relationships can truly thrive.

You can learn to regulate your emotions, and confidently face life’s uncertainties, difficulties, and challenges.

No longer are you plagued with self doubt, or standards that are impossible to reach.

Life does not have to merely be one struggle after another.

Anxiety therapist Burbank, CA

HI, I'm Kellie.

If you found this page, then I can probably relate to the struggles you are facing. I have had a lifetime of fighting against anxiety, worry, feeling the need to be perfect, and do all the things “just right.” Constantly fearing the “what ifs” and doing everything in my power to try and keep myself safe.

I know what it’s like to feel like the same negative patterns keep showing up, and realizing the tools you have just don’t work any more, or maybe never did.

But having helped countless women overcome anxiety, heal past traumas, and build a life of peace and happiness, I want you to know that there is hope, and that you can make positive change.

If you are looking to finally gain freedom from the stress and anxiety, then schedule a free consultation by clicking the button below, and we can see how I might be able to help.

I hope I get the chance to meet you!

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