Supporting You Through Life's Uncertainties

Counseling for Your Overall Well-Being

I am Kellie Murry, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Burbank, California. I offer in-person and online therapy sessions where we work on understanding and treating your trauma together. Start your process through personal healing for a happier and healthier life.

Kellie Murry

Why Seek Therapy?

You may have undergone experiences that you find difficult to work through, such as abuse, job loss, traumatic events, major life transitions, relationship distress, and an overall feeling lost, without a purpose, experiencing anxiety and depression. The pain caused by such events may make you feel hopeless and isolated to go on, compromising your quality of life. At times like these, counseling can give you the support, tools, and understanding you need so you can move forward.


Receive Help From a Therapist

With therapy sessions from me, you can learn the strategies you need to overcome trauma, decrease anxiety, and manage depression. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.